Don’t Let Sexual Dysfunction Spoil Your Sex Life and Affect Your Relationship

Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction?

Although most men are embarrassed to admit, but it is estimated that one out of every three men experience some form of sexual problem, whereas only one out of every five men report of their difficulties in enjoying sex. While erectile dysfunction is the most common reported cause of sexual dysfunction, ejaculation problems are experienced by a large number of men. While men suffering from poor erection are more vulnerable to ejaculation dysfunction, ejaculation problems can also affect men without erectile dysfunction.

Have you wondered the effect of sexual dysfunction on the quality of your life?

Sexual dysfunction causes tremendous emotional stress that can even ruin your relationship with your partner. Men troubled by erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems suffer from low self esteem. As you tend to avoid sex with your partner, it sends wrong signals about your relationship with your partner. Your partner may sense it as your lack of interest in her. Your relationship problems may also affect your professional life, resulting in poor job performance. Depression, anxiety and stress that develop in the process further worsen your sexual problems. Moreover, sexual dysfunction is a common cause of infertility in men.

What are the different types of sexual problems?

Sexual problems in men can be divided into three categories – low or loss of libido, erectile dysfunction or impotence, and ejaculation and orgasm dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs when you have trouble in attaining or sustaining an erection. Problems with ejaculation include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful ejaculation and inability to ejaculate. About 18% people with severe erectile dysfunction suffer from orgasm dysfunction.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

Sexual problems increase with age. 10% of all men in their sixties suffer from erectile dysfunction and more than a quarter of all men in their 70s suffer from impotence. Atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and other health disorders that affect the cardiovascular system and the nervous system lead to impotence and loss of libido. These health disorders reduce the dilation capacity of the erectile chambers in the penis. However, older adults are not the only ones susceptible to sexual dysfunction. In younger men, stress, insufficient production of male sex hormones, side effects of certain medications, emotional problems, smoking, excess drinking and fatigue are common reasons for sexual dysfunction.

How to restore your sexual prowess?

Instead of hiding your sexual problems it always helps to admit your difficulties. Do not ignore the early signs of erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive. Although sexual dysfunction is more common in older adults, poor health, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and emotional problems can cause erectile dysfunction and low libido even in men in their 20s and 30s. Therefore, diagnosing sexual dysfunction and identifying its cause help in finding the best remedy for resolving the problem and restoring your sexual health.

How Kohinoor Gold Plus® will help you in addressing your sexual problems?

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