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Good News: You are not the only person troubled by sexual problems. Studies suggest that sexual dysfunction is common in men. Almost 30% men experience some form of sexual dysfunction that tend to increase with age.

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Dear Friend,

For centuries, practitioners of traditional medicines around the world have recommended certain herbs to attenuate sexual dysfunction and improve sexual performance. Modern science has recognized the aphrodisiac properties of herbs such as Withania somnifera, Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus terrestris, Asparagus racemosus and Asparagus adscendens in addressing sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and poor sex drive.

With Kohinoor Gold Plus ® we have created a unique formulation of herbs with proven aphrodisiac property. It contains Withania somnifera, commonly known as Ashwagandha, which by inhibiting oxidative stress helps in improving physical stamina, sexual performance and male infertility.

Mucuna pruriens or cowhage present in the herbal supplement works by inducing testosterone release. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps in improving sexual performance by negating the effect of oxidative stress on the erectile tissues.

Another important component in Kohinoor Gold Plus® is Tribulus terrestris or Gokshura. It contains Protodioscin, a plant compound that stimulates testosterone production. As low testosterone level is a common cause of poor sex drive and erectile dysfunction, Tribulus terrestris adds to the supplement’s aphrodisiac property.

Two excellent herbs that have been used for centuries by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine for improving erection, sperm count and motility and libido that are present in Kohinoor Gold Plus® are Asparagus adscendens and Asparagus racemosus. By boosting activities of enzymes involved in nitric oxide production in the arteries, they help in improving blood flow to the corpora cavernosa for better erection.

As physical weakness and fatigue are common causes of poor sexual performance, to boost physical and mental stamina, Kohinoor Gold Plus® contains Shilajit. Shilajit is one of nature’s most powerful adaptogens. One of the most comprehensive sources of minerals and organic matters, the herbo-mineral substance works by treating mineral deficiencies of the body. Studies have further shown that Shilajit is also capable of improving the serum testosterone level and improving sperm count and motility.

The aphrodisiac property of Kohinoor Gold Plus® has been boosted further with nutmeg. A time-tested aphrodisiac, nutmeg boosts sexual performance by triggering sexual stimulation that induces transmission of chemical messages to enable erection and ejaculation.

To help you realize the amazing benefits of the wonderful aphrodisiac herbs, we recommend you to try this outstanding supplement – a time-honored natural remedy that helps in improving your physical and sexual stamina

Kohinoor Gold Plus® is one of the most popular products from Morpheme. It is made with natural ingredients that work by boosting blood flow in the genitals, correcting hormonal imbalance, improving the antioxidant profile and rejuvenating the body

All you have to do is take Kohinoor Gold Plus® supplement twice daily or according to the instructions of your physician, and experience the benefits of this wonderful natural male stimulant.

Now that you have discovered one of the most wonderful products for alleviating your sexual problems naturally:


Best of all, Kohinoor Gold Plus® is fully natural!
It is a simple remedy. Take the supplement according to instruction and enjoy the benefits of the time-tested aphrodisiac herbal formulation in a short time. The effectiveness of the ingredients present in this supplement in ameliorating sexual dysfunction in men is supported by a number of laboratory studies and clinical trials. Hence, here is a unique product in the form of Kohinoor Gold Plus®that has combined these wonderful herbs to create a great solution for sexual dysfunction in men.

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With Kohinoor Gold Plus ®you will no longer feel embarrassed on bed. With improved ejaculation and erection, you can easily reach the climax, and enjoy yourself and satisfy your partner.

What happens when you experience low sex drive

Erection and ejaculation problems not only reduce your interest in sex, sexual dysfunctions can lead to anxiety and depression. To avoid embarrassment on bed you will always search for excuses to avoid sexual activities with your partner. Some of the common excuses given by men who suffer from sexual dysfunction include :

These are temporary problems that will heal naturally over time and more

However, avoiding sex will not resolve your sexual problems. You first need to recognize your problem, identify the actual cause of the problem and have the problem treated.

Both age and stress affects your sexual health. Hence, you need a solution that helps to attenuate age-related sexual problems and negates the impact of stress on your sexual health.

By helping in boosting blood circulation, improving the dilation capacity of the erectile chambers, enhancing nervous stimulation, restoring hormonal balance and negating the harmful effect of free radicals, Kohinoor Gold Plus®, stimulates sex drive and sexual excitement.

Kohinoor Gold Plus® contains:

Should I Buy Kohinoor Gold Plus ®?

Many men prefer Kohinoor Gold Plus ®to other over-the-counter supplements and drugs because

Did you know that

Added Benefits of Taking Kohinoor Gold Plus®: By taking this natural supplement you can easily convince your partner that you are interested in her. Therefore, you are trying to get rid of your sexual dysfunction in order to ensure that she is fully satisfied on bed.

Any Side Effect?

Kohinoor Gold Plus ® is a fully natural product. It is made with the best quality herbs that have been combined in the right proportions. Any adverse reaction has not been reported till date. Take the supplement according to instruction and experience its benefits without worrying about side effects.

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